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May 2010: Paulhan & Associés advises Meilleurmobile.com in its joint venture with Happy Phone

May 2010

“Meilleurmobile.com” and Primo Technologies (operating under the brand “Happy Phone” in more than 30 retail stores in France with more than 30 million Euros revenues) have formed a joint venture company “MMHP” dedicated to the joint brand “Meilleurmobile Happy Phone”.

This joint venture company is controlled equally by both partners.
Its purpose is to form a national network gathering in the midterm more than 150 retail stores. This network is open to independent retailers. This joint venture agreement will enable to “Meilleurmobile.com” and Primo Technologies as well as to independent retailers to improve their purchase conditions towards mobile phone constructors and wholesalers and to develop partnership with operators and constructors.

This transaction also enable to the new joint venture “Meilleurmobile Happy Phone” to obtain Apple’s agreement to market the iPhone in five retail stores.
The goal of the two actors is to obtain in the midterm another thirty sales points.

“Meilleurmobile.com” was advised by Paulhan & Associés.