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Paulhan & Associés advises XCALIA for a new fund raising

November 2006

XCALIA, one of the worldwide leading publisher of dynamic integration softwares, has just realized a new fund raising with its traditional shareholders, the investment funds Innovacom, Iris Capital and I-Source, that will allow it to finance its development.

Paulhan & Associés advised XCALIA on this increase of share capital and its completion.

Paulhan & Associés advises Axia NetMedia Corp (Canada) for the setting up of a joint-venture with Vinci
Axia NetMedia, a Canadian company listed on the Toronto stock exchange, and Vinci have set up a joint and equally held subsidiary.

It shall be specialized in telecommunication networks for public communities. After 12 successful bids, both groups have just obtained the bid for the department of Seine-et-Marne (Sem@for 77) combining fiber (1,117 kms) and WiMax that will be run in the frame of a public service delegation agreement of 20 years corresponding to a budget of 74.5 M€. Within 2008, the joint-venture has planned to tender in 30 or 40 more bids. Axia plans to contribute to Covage for 12 M€ up to mid- 2008.

Paulhan & Associés advised Axia NetMedia during the negotiations and the setting-up of the joint-venture.