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BOUGRIER successfully achieves an LBO

January 2018

BOUGRIER SA, one of the main wine makers in the Loire valley has successfully achieved its LBO characterized by the entry to the capital of CM-CIC as minority shareholder. This group founded in 1885 and managed by the BOUGRIER family since 6 generations realizes almost half of its revenues abroad. Thanks to this transaction, it has now news the means to finance its development while preserving its family character.

Paulhan & Associés assisted the BOUGRIER family in this transaction.

October 2017 : Oletis strengthens its equity thanks to a new fund raising and acquires Maison Rouge in Strasbourg

October 2017

Oletis makes a double blow. The acquisition of one of the filials of the Strasbourg’s hotels, Maison Rouge, a hotel of 142 rooms in the heart of the alsacian capital city, enables to the group hotel to continue its growth with now more than 1600 rooms. On this occasion, Oletis has completed a new fund raise with its historical shareholders and strengthened its financial structure.

Paulhan & Associés advised Oletis in this acquisition and the structuring of its financing.

July 2017 : Grand Shooting succeeds to raise funds

September 2017

Grand Shooting is an online platform which optimizes e-commerce photo production considered as one of the 20 most innovative start-up companies.

In order to conduct its strong development , it has completed a significant fund raising principally with the investment fund Fa Diese.

Paulhan & Associés assisted and advised the company and its founder, Pierre-Humblot Ferrero in this transaction.

January 2017: Dewesoft takes the control of its distributor in France

January 2017

Dewesoft, a Slovenian company is one of the worldwide major actors in the supply of test and measurement electronic and software solutions.

As France is its major market in Europe, Dewesoft has decided to take the control of its distributor in this country, Dewefrance. This transaction has been completed in full harmony with the founders and the management of Dewefrance.

Paulhan & Associés assisted Dewesoft and Dewefrance to conduct successfully this build up.

November 2016: Soufflet Agriculture finalizes the acquisition of Etablissements Bordage

December 2016

Etablissements Bordage which realizes M€58 revenues in the trading of cereals and supplying products has been purchased by Groupe Soufflet, a major player in the agro business with 5 billions € revenues.

Paulhan & Associés advised the sellers in this transaction.

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